Saturday, January 7, 2012

Renting Soon

 We had a good Christmas. As everyone knows by now the house sold on December 23rd. That was an interesting Christmas present.

Sarah is 16 months old now....and still boney. She is pretty smart, but not real brave. I guess that will come with more maturity.

Logan is 19 months old and had a great Christmas. I suspect we all got carried away with Logan's presents this year. He loves music and was playing with his gift from Marianne here.

Marianne and Logan, when we went over to Barry & Alesia's on Dec. 26 to celebrate Christmas with them since Barry had to work Christmas eve and Christmas Day.

This is the rental that we are going to be moving into. Looking for a place to rent proved to be very challenging with 3 dogs. One of which is supposedly a dangerous dog...the German Shepherd. Some places said no, others wanted me to pay $300 a piece in non-refundable pet deposits, $350 for Sarah. I didn't even tell anyone that I have Kellie. I couldn't see myself being homeless over an 11 1/2 yr. old St. Bernard.  Anyway, with a lot of prayer backing us up, we were finally able to convince these people to approve us for renting this house and they are only charging us a $200 non-refunable pet deposit for all 3 of the dogs. We will be signing a year lease, but that will give me plenty of time to figure out where to live next.

This will be Marianne's room. It is the biggest bedroom (none of them actually big), but I liked the one on the backside of the house best. The house has no carpet for the dogs to leave big fat footprints on, yeah!

This will be my room. I am going to use the single bed that is currently in the back bedroom while we are renting. (There is no way my queen size bed and 2 dog crates will fit in any of these little bedrooms.)

The kitchen and the door out to the laundry room and the big backyard. The stove, refrigerator, hot water heater, and HVAC are all brand new.

A great feature - a 6-foot chain link fence around the big backyard, with a storage building inside the fenced in backyard. Good for my "too much crap" and my dogs.   As soon as I get the "go ahead" from the realtor on the home inspection and paperwork on the sale of my house, I will be putting the deposit on this place.   I looked up the public records on the rental house, just because: It was built in 1962. So it is almost as old as I am. It sold in 2003 for almost $90,000. The people that are renting it to me purchased it in July as a foreclosure for $26,000. Unbelieveable!   When I begin my search for purchasing, I think I will take a look at what shows up on the foreclosure list, too.


Cathryn said...

I am so happy for you! The place looks nice even if it is small. What an awesome Christmas present!

sheltiemom said...

The rental looks nice and has an awesome fence! Priorities!!! Are you packing boxes?!!!

Anne said...

I have packed many, many, many,many boxes. I just look around and I am not really sure what to do now. The 6-ft chain link fence is my favorite, too. Having all new appliances is pretty nice too. I have rented a few places where I was scared to put anything in the nasty frig. I will have a year lease, but I might just need it anyway.

Von Madison said...

Hi, Anne! Are you still renting this cute house here? Or are you already renting a new house? This house is perfect for your family and pets. It’s hard to find a rental place that accepts pets. Most of them have higher non-refundable pet deposit. I’d love to hear about this from you. Keep blogging! ->Von Madison